Mailing Address

383 Private Main Lane, Wheeling, WV 26003

Note:  This address has not been added to mapping sites / GPS yet.  Please use the mapping address below for general directions.

Mapping Address

420 W. Liberty Harvey Rd. Wheeling, WV 26003  Click here for a Map



Trailer Directions from I-70 East or West


From I-70 take exit 5 for US-40 toward Elm Grove/Triadelphia. At the end of the ramp turn right onto US 40 East.  Stay on US 40 East for 5.5 miles. You will see a small sign on the right for the town of Valley Grove.  In Valley Grove you will see a fire house to the right and the Valley Grove Community center.  On the left, across from the Community Center, is McGraws Run Road. Turn left on McGraws Run Road.


Follow McGraws for 3.5 miles until you hit the T in the road and a stop sign. McGraws Run Road turns into GC&P road at the stop sign.  Turn right onto GC&P Road.  In one mile, turn left onto Harvey Run road. Before Harvey Rd. you will pass a run-down house on the left and you will see signs for West Liberty.


Stay on Harvey for one mile.  You will pass a large hay field on the right, then a big white and red barn then a house. After the house you will quickly come up on two gravel drives on the right. They are separated by a Pegasus Farm Equestrian Center sign. Take the drive to the left of the sign, then stay to the right the whole way down the drive.  Pegasus Farm is at the end of the drive.


Car directions from I-70 West


You can either follow the above trailer directions or you can follow the directions from a GPS system, which will most likely take you on route 88 North.  You can also take a trailer this way but the road has many tight turns and curves. (If you take this route, do NOT make a right onto Belles Lane or Weidmans Run. These are one lane and very narrow roads.)


Stay on route 88 North which will take you past West Liberty College, then makes a big U though West Liberty and past a convenience store. You will still be on route 88 North. After you pass the convenience store, route 88 goes down a hill and veers left. At this point, look for Harvey Road on the right, and make a right onto Harvey (if you pass the fire house on the left you have gone too far).


Stay on Harvey for 1 mile. You will go up a hill and past storage units on your right. At the top of the next hill you will see a row of mail boxes on the right and a large barn with a sign for Kitten Hill Halflingers.  Across the street are two gravel drives separated by a Pegasus Farm sign. Take the first gravel drive (on the left), and stay to the right the whole way down the drive way.  Pegasus Farm is at the end of the drive.