04-2011 2nd OT Spring bay
07-11- 1 st OT Gemwood
01-2012- 1st PT rocking horse
02-12 3rd OP- Ocala HT
03-12 5th OP rocking horse
8-12- Summer sizzler dressage show:
first level test 1-2nd
First level test 2- 2nd
First level test 3- 2nd
8-12 1st OT Erie hunt and saddle club
05-2012- 5th OP May Daze
02-10 5th OP Lost hounds
10-10 The Ark 2nd OP
04-2011- 7th Spring bay OP
05-11- 15th Virginia CCI*
09-11- 6th Jump start OP
10-11- 24th Mid south CCI*
8-12 4th Erie Hunt and saddle club OT
2011 Year end results from WPEA
Beginner Novice Horse
Champion–Becka Simmons/Glenlivit
Reserve–(tie) Anne Kaufman/Guaranteed Pegasus and Anne Kaufman/Pegasus High Life
3rd–Anne Kaufman/Alpine Ski
Novice Adult Rider
Champion–Anne Kaufman/Pegasus Pure Gold….6 USEA pts
Reserve–Lisa Barry/Fancastle’s Southern Comfort….5 USEA pts
3rd–Anne Kaufman/Pegasus High Life….2 USEA pts
4th–Anne Kaufman/Alpine Ski
5th–Anne Kaufman/Guaranteed Pegasus
Training Adult Rider
Champion–Anne Kaufman/Pegasus Pure Gold….10 USEA pts
Reserve–Anne Kaufman/Alpine Ski
Preliminary Adult Rider
Champion–Anne Kaufman/Broadway Finale….6 USEA pts